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Movicol is different from other laxatives you can buy

Unlike some laxatives that work by stimulating the bowel or just bulking out the poo, Movicol uses natural osmosis to get you moving again, naturally. This means that Movicol works in harmony with your body.

Movicol is an osmotic laxative that draws water into dry, hard poo, making it softer. This triggers a natural bowel movement to effective and gently relieve you constipation without causing an urgent need to go the loo. Movicol brings you effective constipation relief in 1 to 2 days and help get you back to your normal routine.

Movicol works in 2 main ways:

Let’s get you moving again, naturally

Movicol has many benefits

Changes to your lifestyle and toilet habits can help to provide constipation relief and can be used alongside Movicol.

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How to use Movicol powder sachets

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To restore your natural bowel movement for effective and gentle constipation relief with Movicol

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Other flavours such as plain and chocolate can be ordered from your pharmacy.

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