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HCP Leaflet

Download our comprehensive HCP leaflet to easily access all Movicol-related information. This includes important information and valuable insights about Movicol.

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Bristol Stool Chart

Checking your patients stools against the Bristol Stool Chart is an effective way to identify constipation. Download the chart below.

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Bristol Stool Chart Lanyard

In addition to our downloadable Bristol Stool Chart, we have designed a convenient lanyard for your use.

To request a lanyard please email

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Non-stimulant Laxative Video

A quick guide to the benefits of Movicol being a non-stimulant laxative and what this means.

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Mode of Action Video

Want to understand how Movicol works? Learn more about its mode of action in this short clip.

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New Pack Design Video

Movicol's packaging has a new and improved design. See how it compares to the old pack.

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Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Video

More information on safe and effective constipation relief using Movicol during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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First Line
Recommended Video

Movicol offers constipation relief, using a NICE-recommended ingredient trusted for over 25 years.

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Make a difference to your patients, recommend Movicol