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A non-stimulant laxative to recommend NOW

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Movicol works differently*

A non-stimulant laxative working in harmony with the body, to help patients get on with their day.

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    Virtually unabsorbed

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    Straight to stool

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    Iso-osmotic effects2

Graphic to show when taking Movicol there is no net gain or loss of water or electrolytes, Movicol helps retain water in the bowel

As an osmotic laxative, Movicol binds to water in a glass. Once consumed, it remains unchanged and passes through the gut virtually unabsorbed.2

Movicol then binds with the stool to trigger a natural bowel movement in as little as 24 hours.2,3

Movicol has a natural action that works in two ways:

Can be used in pregnancy and breastfeeding,4 as it is virtually unabsorbed and passes through the body unchanged.

Make a difference to your patients, recommend Movicol

A different, unique prescription heritage


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25 years of clinical use.1

Macrogols are the first choice in the elderly icon

Macrogols are the first choice in the elderly.5

Macrogols account for 30% of laxative prescriptions icon

Macrogols account for 30% of laxative prescriptions.6

What makes Movicol different*

Comparison table illustrating the differences is shown below:

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New design, same effective product1

Other flavours such as plain and chocolate can be ordered from your wholesaler.

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Make a difference to your patients, recommend Movicol

Movicol is clinically proven to relieve constipation in adults, children, older patients and pregnant/breastfeeding women

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Clinically proven superior efficacy and tolerability versus lactulose and ispaghula husk15,16

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Recommending Movicol

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    For: Adults, older people, children 12+ years and pregnant/breastfeeding women†

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    As: NICE-recommended, stimulant-free laxative4,13

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    Works: By triggering a natural bowel movement in as little as 24 hours after consumption3,8

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    Plus: Supported by the guidelines4,13

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